The church is a family of believers. We could compare it somewhat to our personal family. When we were a baby, there were certain essentials that we needed to mature normally, so it is with the church. The church can be a tremendous help to guide us in our christian maturity as well as to give us the opportunity to make new friends who also have experienced a new way of life.

The way we identify with the church, our new family, is by making the desision that we made to accept Jesus as our savior public by experiencing believers baptism. “Then they that glady received his word were baptised; and the same day there was added about three thousand souls” (Acts 2:41).

I encourage you to attend a Bible believing church Sunday and tell the pastor the decision you have made to follow Jesus and tell him that you want to receive believer’s baptism and become a member of the church. Be sure to read the discipleship page by clicking the tab above. I will give you some information there about how to select a church fellowship.

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