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The OtoBeFree Ministry is a not for profit organization (We never ask for donations) of believers who want to share their faith with others. You are welcome to be a part of this organization (There is no cost or no fees) and use this website as your very own to share your faith with others. We ask that you do two things:  First, register your name and email in the form box on the right of this page ( This is important so that we can know how strong our organization is and it also gives us a way to keep you updated). Second, Use the sample information below and have your witness business cards printed and begin to hand them out as you go or if you perfer, you can just include the www.otobefree url on your present business card or on a track or even just share it by word of mouth.

We encourage you to share your results from using this ministry and this website so it can be an encouragement to others. To do this just use the Contact Us and submit your comments.


The final command that Jesus gave to his disciples was to sow the seeds of the gospel (Matthew 28:19, 20) and it was also the most important. Nevertheless only a few present day disciples obey his command. The OtoBeFree Ministry makes it so easy for you to fulfill our Lord’s command that no one has an excuse.

 Below is an example of how you may design a business card that doubles as a witness. The card  pictured  is a  template   from Quick Print: www.quickprint.com . However, this card was made from a computer using a business card program and copying the template.

 You are welcome to use all or what ever information from the card you choose. If you only choose to include the www.otobefree.com on a regular business card, that will be fine also. The card ptctured on this page was designed with much thought and prayer. The main caption on the front of the card, “If you were to die today, where would you spend eternity?” was proven to be very effective in more than 20 years of testing by Frank Genner who primarily just asked the strangers he met one question, ‘If you were to die today, where would you spend eternity?”. You may read some of the results of Mr. Genner’s witnessing ministry. I do encourage you to use the otobefree website as your own.       

The text for the back of the card will fit a standard size business card with a font size of 8 and it needs to be single spaced and two spaces between some of the words to make it square. The business card below is the standard size as pictured. You can find pictures of Christ by doing a Google search and then download them to your computer and then upload them to your business card.


                                                                             Card Front





                                                                          Card Back

                                      Dear  Friend,  the  Bible  teaches that: “With  the heart

                                     man believes and with the mouth confession  is made

                                     unto   salvation” (Rom 10:10).  Is  the prayer  below an

                                     expression  of   what  you  believe  in your  heart? If so,

                                     pray: Lord  Jesus  I’m a  sinner who needs forgiveness.

                                     I  believe   that   you  are   the  Son  of God who  died for

                                     me, was buried  and  rose  from the grave. I turn  from 

                                     my sins   and  turn   to you. Please forgive me and give

                                     me  eternal  life.  I  will  follow  you  for the  Rest of my

                                     life. Amen    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    www.otobefree.com


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