The Revelation of the Magi

The Revelation of the Magi is an ancient book believed to be an actual account of the three wise men that came to Bethlehem bringing gifts to the new born Savior some 2,000 years ago. The single copy of this book is kept in the Vatican. Up until now it had never been translated from the ancient language of which was written; however just this year a scholar of ancient languages has translated the book.

The story now has another historical source other than the Bible. Hardly anything is told us about the Magi from scripture other than they came from the East bringing gifts to the baby Jesus. It is now believed that they made the journey from as far away as China. There is an ancient road that goes all the way to China from Judah. It is believed that ancient caravans traveled this road to Israel and the Land of Canaan.

The journey would had been a very long one and would been over some of the most rugged territory in the Middle East. It would have required months and maybe even years to have made a journey like this.

The Magi were anticipating the star to appear and when it did they were prepared to make the journey. Distance and difficulty of the trip didn’t seem to be a consideration. It was to them apparently the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, to see the messiah in their lifetime.

Today that sort of dedication and purpose may not be so prominent but in those days anticipation of a Messiah that would be the savior of a people who were the victims of much hardship and deprivation was quiet something to anticipate.

Today also we have the same promise from scripture that Jesus is the Messiah, the Savior who came to deliver the lost from a life in bondage of sin. We take this Christmas to worship him and to praise him as our redeemer and to once again declare his birth and rejoice that he has victory over death and the grave and is our Lord, our comforter and actually our purpose for living.

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