Would you like to know what heaven is like?

According to Revelation 21 heaven is large, beautiful and free of any harm. Heaven is large and the reason being that many will be there from the four corners of the world. If you convert the biblical measurements of heaven into miles, well then heaven is 1,500 miles wide and 1,500 miles long as well as 1,500 miles high. Heaven is apparently multi stories. If you sat this city, heaven, down on earth it would cover a good portion of the United States.

Not only is heaven large but it is also beautiful. The streets are of pure gold. I was recently in a beautiful town where there were many restrictions including no service stations. There were flowers and beautiful tropical plants everywhere but with all the restrictions there were still some cracks in the streets and a few signs here and there that indicated that this wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination a perfect city. Heaven is a perfect place because its maker is perfect. There are mansions there that will surpass anything ever seen on earth. The walls are constructed of various semiprecious and precious stones. There is a river of crystal clear and pure water and trees on its banks bearing fruit delicious to taste.

Not only is the environment absolutely perfect but also are the inhabitants. This is a perfect place where there is no pain, sickness or sorrow. God who is all powerful guarantees a place of serenity where only perfect harmony exists in a perfect environment. No sin or its consequences will ever come here. People will enjoy each other; meals will be served of the very best of food. There will be beautiful singing and praise to the Heavenly Father. I believe that there will always be exciting things to do.

You will not want to miss heaven! Be sure to reserve a place there. Remember that reservations will only be accepted now so don’t put it off go right now and take care of it. This link will take you to a page that will tell you exactly how: CLICK HERE

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